Making an eTransfer Donation

Making an Interac eTransfer by Email

Login in to your online banking and navigate to ithe bank’s Interac eTransfer page:

Interac eTransfer

Interac eTransfer

As you can see, you need to provide:

  1. The recipient email address:
  2. An amount.
  3. A security question and a one word answer.
  4. And, optionally, a message.

The tricky part is the security question and one word answer. It is expected that given a question, the recipient will know the answer and will be required to give it before the money can be received. In order to make a donation to the church, you should choose a security question and answer using the method described in the section below.

Choosing a Security Question that the Church Treasurer Can Answer

To make a donation to the church, please use the following steps to create a security question and its’ one word answer:

  1. Make a list of words. You can choose anything and they don’t have to be spelled correctly or even real words. You should probably choose at least five words, and each word should be at least five letters long. Keep them in any order, but you should always keep them in the same order.
  2. Send an email to The subject can be anything, but the body of the email should just contain your list of words.
  3. Choose one of the words from your list. This is your security answer. The security question would be about the position of the answer in your list, so it could be something like “What comes after xxx?” or “What comes before xxx?” or “What is number 3?” etc.

There is no need to create and send a new word list to the treasurer each time you make a donation. If you do decide to create and send a new word list, it will replace your old word list, and you will need to use the new list for all future donations.