Making a Donation, Online, through Interac

Before making your first Interac donation, you will need to add the church as an Interac eTransfer recipient and choose a security question and answer. Please use the following two step process:

Step 1.

  • Create your own list of words. Do not put any spaces in the words, ie. "apple-pie" not "apple pie".
  • Send your word list to

Step 2.

Login to your online banking and navigate to the Interac Add Recipient page. Then enter:
  1. Recipient: Esquimalt Church of the Nazarene
  2. Email:
  3. Transfer by: Email
  4. And for your security question and answer, ask something about your list of words answered by one of the words in your list, eg. Q. The last word? A. anythingyoulike

You are now ready to make Interac donations. You do not need to follow this process again unless, of course, you would like to change your list of words.

To make a donation, navigate to the Interac eTransfer page, select a recipient and enter an amount. You may also include a message to say “Hello” or say what the funds are for. When you are happy with your selections, press “Send” to complete the transfer.

Here is what the Interac eTransfer page looks like at one bank:

This page and the Add Recipient page may look a little differently at your bank but the same information will be required by the pages at your bank.